Best Help Desk Software For Small Business

Help Desk Software For Small Business

In this article, we will introduce you to the most well-known help desk software for small businesses and explain the differences. A helpdesk or user helpdesk is usually a ticket system that customers use to submit inquiries and that is used to support users of hardware and software. Within the system, the support staff work with an inbox through which all tickets can be called up and answered. In addition to many advantages, the Help Desk software offers numerous functions for easier and future-oriented everyday work.

What is help desk software?

Help desk software for small businesses is a tool that helps businesses execute many basic tasks. These tasks differ from company to company but are generally based on corporate best practices that have been implemented.

For example, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) may be something that is used as part of the standard. The goal of having the right support software is to handle internal and customer issues as quickly as possible.

 While the best help desk software may offer a number of interesting features and benefits, it still has the primary goal of quickly and effectively maintaining and restoring normal service operations.

Best Help desk software for small business

Help desk software can be a very valuable tool if handled correctly. It enables technology teams to support customers and internal interactions in a variety of ways. 


When it comes to the best help desk software out there, it’s almost impossible to leave Zendesk out of the conversation. The platform allows you to easily connect with a client on any platform you want.

Customers will be able to contact your business for help via phone, chat, email, social media, or website. The system is very easy to use and perhaps even more attractive, it can be set up in just a few minutes.

With a state-of-the-art ticketing system, intuitive knowledge base, and great community forums, Zendesk is definitely worth checking out, no matter who you are.


  • Excellent ticket management options
  • Customizable reports
  • intuitive dashboard
  • flexible queries
  • Strong integration options
  • A fully functional free trial is available


  • The price is a bit high
  • The best features are assigned only to the highest price tiers
  • No business features like asset management


Considered by many to be the best help desk software for small businesses available today, Jira tops our list because of everything it offers. It has a good comprehensive feature set as well as a complex solution for internal support.

It is packed with features including email for ticket support, internal ticket tracking, user ticket tracking, and automatic ticket assignment. The product really makes the help desk experience seamless and fantastic.

Jira is also very easy to use compared to other help desk software. Everything you need is found in one place. Also, the board is simple and all the tickets are neatly organized through colorful menus.


  • Highly configurable workflows
  • Easily track tickets
  • Provide service updates
  • 1000+ integration options
  • plain design
  • fully customized
  • Good knowledge base and solutions.


  • The price is higher than other suppliers
  • Only available as a SaaS or data center product
  • No built-in knowledge base
  • There is no customer access through social media channels.


Helpdesk is good help desk software for small business. Helpdesk software is a software application designed to capture, track, and manage customer inquiries online. It is a central point of contact for customer problems and their resolution.

It is a software application designed for the service workers to track customer requests and with which they can solve customer problems very easily.

This opportunity that companies provide to the customers in turn increases the interest of the customer in the deals since this software application does a lot of work for the customer.


ServiceDesk Plus is a complete ITSM suite with integrated ITAM and CMBD capabilities. With advanced ITSM capabilities, powerful automation, smart customizations, and easy-to-use features, ServiceDesk Plus IT support teams easily empower end-users to provide superior service at a lower cost.

ServiceDesk comes in 3 editions and is available in 37 different languages. More than 100,000 companies in 185 countries trust ServiceDesk Plus to optimize IT service desk performance and achieve high end-user satisfaction. It offers its customers various integration options and boosts performance.


Strong incident management processes to help resolve incidents quickly and improve agent productivity to effectively manage the entire IT ticket lifecycle.

Comprehensive problem management capabilities that enable IT, teams, to classify, analyze and close problems. It reduces repetitive incidents to increases productivity.

A change management system that enables IT, teams, to implement IT changes with minimal risk through streamlined planning, approval, and implementation.

IT project management features that help you create projects, manage resources, and track progress.

Integrated knowledge management, a virtual assistant, and AI functions.


SolarWinds Web Help Desk software for small business provides automated ticketing management, incident tracking, SLA reporting, asset management, and remote support integration capabilities.

With the automated ticketing management system, you can automate tasks such as ticket assignment, routing, and escalation. The system notifies you of unattended or unassigned tickets. It offers simplified project and task management with relational ticketing.

SolarWinds provides incident tracking and asset management capabilities. By integrating Web Help Desk software with Dameware Remote Support software, you can support end-users. It contains the reports you can use to measure SLAs.

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is affordable help desk software for small business ticketing and asset management software. Pricing starts at $19 per month/per technology.

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