Small Business Call Center Software

small business Call Center Software
small business Call Center Software

Since excellent customer service is still one of the most effective ways to make a business prosper, you may need one of these best small business call center software solutions. These days, most customers prefer phone support to live chat or emails. Integrating phone calls to support your customers can go a long way in promoting your business.

A great small business call center software application offers real-time call monitoring, logging, and a few other great features. Apparently, the features you’ll get depend on the software you decide to use.

Top 7 small business Call Center Software

To thrive in this ever-competitive business sphere, you need a highly functional call center solution for easy integration and efficient customer service. These are some of the best call center software and solutions for small and large businesses. Typically, these software solutions are cloud-based; however, there are some of them that you can install on-premises (on your work PC).


Aircall is the cloud call center software for everyone; from small businesses to large companies. Seamlessly integrates with various CRM and Helpdesk software applications for more features and functionality. This software solution is specifically for call centers; therefore, it is easy to configure and does not require any complex hardware devices.

With Aircall Call Center software, you can create agents and organize their workflows for increased productivity and customer satisfaction. What’s more, you can set up IVR and intelligent call routing so your customers can talk to the right agent. Plus, your agents can collaborate on calls via shared inbox, labels, or follow-up assignments. Aircall is practical and affordable.


It is a cloud solution whose goal is to manage all incoming and outgoing calls. Simple and flexible. EasyCall works completely online, so no special equipment or system maintenance is required. It supports an unlimited number of users, so you have a contact center as complex as you need. With its predictive dialer, it saves time for operators and integrates options for sending Fax, SMS, and email.

A very useful feature is the call recording system. It also offers additional options to configure incoming and outgoing calls, essential tools in telemarketing. It integrates VoIP, which significantly reduces the rates of national and international calls.

With EasyCall, calls become a resource to improve business productivity.


RingCentral is a popular business VoIP service provider and allows you to set up a cloud call center solution for your business. You can quickly provide customer support from anywhere in the world at any time.

It offers an omnichannel solution where you can define rules to route calls based on capacity, availability, etc. This way, you can streamline your customer support and easily engage with customers across multiple channels at once.

With RingCentral, you can also increase the productivity of your support agents. On top of that, it’s a complete workforce management software that makes it super easy to manage your team’s schedule and plan incoming calls based on traffic volumes.

Another benefit of using RingCentral is that it provides detailed analytics on your customer service performance. You can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, track agent performance, configure call monitoring, self-service resources, and more.

In addition, there are data visualization and root cause analysis tools that help you create custom dashboards for reporting. Plus, with RingCentral, you get an automated IVR system, seamless integrations, a predictive dialer, and much more.

Expert Opinion: RingCentral offers tailored solutions based on your audience or industry. If you are in finance, healthcare, education, government, or have an e-commerce store, RingCentral is a great call center software to have.


Ooma is an all-in-one small business call center software. Whether you’re a startup, small business, or running a business, Ooma offers plenty of features to keep your remote teams and clients connected.

Ooma makes it very comfortable for you to set up a cloud call center software and provide excellent customer support. It provides intelligent call routing functionality and reduces long call queues by helping customers find the right agent without going through repetitive or redundant steps. You can also create custom call flows for your support team. 

Aside from that, Ooma also offers features like multi-level IVR and automatic call distribution based on caller data, business hours, and agent skills. You can even match callers to the right agent with smart reconnect, where the client is automatically connected to the person they were talking to before the call was dropped.

Ooma also allows you to monitor the performance of your customer service. However, it can’t compare to the 45 different features and reports that Nextiva offers to measure the efficiency of your VoIP call center.

Expert Opinion: Ooma is a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to add a call center solution.


CloudTalk is one of the best small business call center software on our list. It is a popular virtual call center platform and services more than 2,500 call centers, including companies such as DHL, Mercedes Benz, Fujitsu, and GoStudent.

CloudTalk offers 140 national phone numbers that you can use for your small business or select a toll-free number. CloudTalk has also partnered with multiple telecommunications companies around the world to provide a robust network to ensure clear calls and reliable performance.

Other features CloudTalk offers are call queuing, call recording, voicemail, adding extensions, emailing faxes, business hours, conference calls, masking calls, three-way calling, the intelligent automatic outbound dialer, etc.

It also has intelligent routing features like a complete call flow designer to create automated workflows, IVR, ACD, skill-based call routing, setting a preferred agent for customers, call forwarding, VIP queues, answering functionality automatically, and more.

Expert opinion: CloudTalk is a dedicated call center software. You can use it to provide inbound support, outbound sales, and easy collaboration with remote teams.


Freshcaller is a simple and versatile cloud-based call center platform with an automatic call recorder, which fits well with their products. It is used by inbound sales agents as well as customer support groups.

The fact that Freshcaller doesn’t need any hardware makes it an obvious solution for small business call center software. However, this inbound call center software includes many features like call masking, recording, forwarding, and conferencing.

Everything can be managed from a single dashboard and calls can be made with a single click. Premium options offer more advanced features, such as after-hours call routing and call center metrics, as well as service-level monitoring and omnichannel routing, allowing agents to call from any number, centralized management, visibility of the call queue, and agent status.


Ytel provides an all-in-one customer engagement platform for small and large businesses. The cloud-based solution enables your customer service agents to effectively manage your customers’ call requests. This Ytel software solution uses AI algorithms to automate repetitive tasks and can be integrated with your CRM.

In addition, Ytel’s business solution leverages 10DLC, free whitelisting, Google verified calls/SMS, Apple Business Chat, and STIR/SHAKEN for greater efficiency. You can use the Rest APIs to further enhance your call center software.

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